The Place Where People Come to Meet God The Place Where People Come to Meet God The Place Where People Come to Meet God The Place Where People Come to Meet God

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Take It From Pastor Terry!


The Book of Genesis gives us a unique perspective on our relationship with God and what He expects from us.  In the first chapter of Genesis, we see over and over again that God “saw” and it was good and very good.  Everything was created by God was meant to be good but what a wonderful revelation when we realize that though God saw good, He has actually called us to GREATNESS!  Because God has made you, there is just a level of goodness that is inherent and required of you BUT when you accept purpose and step into your assignment, there then comes a demand for greatness. When you enter into this new level, understand that you will encounter challenges, demons and devils that you never encountered before.  Also, know that each level will bring a greater demand for commitment and excellence. What you were able to get by within the past will not be sufficient in this new place.

My prayer, as you reflect on His word, is that you will begin to arise in your spirit; that you will fight the good fight of faith; and that you will endure to the end.  Remember that your eyes have not have not seen nor has it entered into your mind the things, the good things, the GREAT THINGS, that God has in store for you…but they can only be obtained if you are willing to o from good and enter into a life of GREATNESS!

Thank you for visiting Gatherers of the Harvest online and we hope to see you worshipping with us soon.  After all, this is the place where people come to meet God!

Continued blessings in 2014,

Terry L. Stover, Senior Pastor

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